Ryan Piers Williams and America Ferrera at TFF. #TribecaFilmFestival #XY

Ryan Piers Williams and America Ferrera at TFF. #TribecaFilmFestival #XY

Mayor de Blasio got on the train in my same car as I was getting off. If I didn’t have plans, I would have stayed on until city hall!! #nyc #mayor #deblasio

Mayor de Blasio got on the train in my same car as I was getting off. If I didn’t have plans, I would have stayed on until city hall!! #nyc #mayor #deblasio

Easter 2014

Happy Easter, ya’ll! 

I spent my day alone in NYC, lounging around.  Wish I could have been with family, but I at least cleaned my living room well for the first time in weeks.  All I did today besides clean was eat, so here is my day: 

For breakfast I had two eggs and a pack of oatmeal… and then I was still hungry so I made two more eggs with another oatmeal.  Sigh.

For lunch I had two hot pockets (don’t judge me).

For dinner I made a kale and spinach salad, with beets and apples, and a dressing of lemon juice, honey, and goat cheese.  (The goat cheese wasn’t meant to be a dressing, but it got all melty on the salad.)  It was delicious, but I’m SUPER hungry now.  

Also I made watermelon juice.  YUM.  Though from now on I will use the blender and not the juicer. 

Now we’re friends

Friday I saw Tracy Morgan at a salad/sandwich place by my job.  He was just standing in the window.

My friend noticed him as we were walking by, and said, “Tracy Morgan!” under her breath.  I looked up, and when we made eye contact, smiled and waved.  

He waved back.

I definitely just ate a grasshopper.

I definitely just ate a grasshopper.

This is how the moon looks from my street in Manhattan. I am thinking of every single person I’ve ever met in my whole life and hoping that you’re looking at the same moon with me tonight.

This is how the moon looks from my street in Manhattan. I am thinking of every single person I’ve ever met in my whole life and hoping that you’re looking at the same moon with me tonight.

a real lady...

  • Guy in elevator, talking to his friend: "So yesterday, I was sitting outside and this person walks up to me. I thought it was a drag queen from the night before, who forgot to take off all the makeup and was still out. Turns out, it was a real lady!"
  • Me (turned around to them): "I really hope no one ever tells a story like that about me."

April Showers…

Hi friends! 

It’s been a while since I’ve written a proper update… forgive me.  As my parents know all too well, no news is usually good news with me.  If you haven’t heard from me, it means I’m keeping busy.  If you start hearing from me a lot, it means I’m sad, bored, and lonely.

Anyway, I’ve been doing really well!  In about a week I will hit 8 months in my new role with Bloomingdale’s.  I really love my job, my boss, and the people I work with.  My title is “Business Manager,” which shouldn’t mean anything to you.  But I’m basically a project manager for the Director of Stores.  I get to work with someone very high in the company, and he’s so smart, measured, thoughtful, and fair.  Everyone around here loves him, which makes me even happier and more proud to say I work for him.  And I like that Bloomingdale’s is a little smaller than Macy’s… I really feel like I know and understand a company so much better now.  But I can’t tell you how many times a day I still say, “Oh, at Macy’s we…” haha.  Hopefully people aren’t getting too tired of that yet.

Something unexpected that I miss is having a team.  This is the first time I am just responsible for managing myself.  It’s what I specifically asked for, because after three years of being a manager, I was done!  But I really miss having my own special group of people to talk to, get to know, and teach things.  I guess I get enough calls and emails during the course of a week that I’m still kindof doing it.  :) 

The winter was long and cold, and I feel like I didn’t go out nearly as much this winter as I did last year.  However, the new year has been treating me well!  At the beginning of January, I had a friend visit from Paris, and it was nice to show NYC to someone who’d never been the America before!  Then, January 26 was my 26th birthday, and I celebrated in style, surrounded by so many friends.  It was a really special weekend, and I really felt popular and loved!!  (Either that, or people just like champagne and brunch.)  

26 seems to be a good year for me… maybe even better than 25.  I’ve always felt confident in who I am as a person (anyone who knew me in middle school will agree), but I’m starting to really give legitimacy to my feelings.  I don’t have to apologize for what I do or what I want.  Often, that comes in the form of a quirk preference I have.  The best example I can give is one that happens every day:

I’m on the train, with two empty seats around me.  Someone sits down next to me, so I move or stand up.  ”Oh, there’s enough room for us both!” she says.  In the past, I would say, “Oh, it’s okay, I’m getting off soon!” just to not make her feel bad.  But you know what?  I don’t like strangers touching me.  Sorry lady, but I don’t want your arm touching my arm.  And actually, I’M NOT SORRY.  
There it is.  So simple.  
(Of course, I don’t have to say my feelings to everyone.  But at least I don’t beat myself up for having them!) 

Since summer is coming up soon, I am attempting to work out again.  I usually fail miserably at this, but hey.  What can you do.  If I can get myself to the gym two times a week, that’s a win for me.  Keep your fingers crossed… mama needs to get invited to the Hamptons this summer! 

And lastly, what everyone always wants to know — dating life.  I don’t have a boyfriend, and am not seeing anyone seriously or even semi-seriously.  I’m constantly meeting new people, and going on a lot of dates.  I actually can’t pursue dates with over half the people I meet, because then I’d REALLY never have any time.  But I’m having fun, enjoying the thrill of constant first dates (and of course the perk of not having to pay for dinners).  A girl’s gotta eat, right?!  I’ve been hoping for a boyfriend forever, and right at the age when all my friends are settling down and getting engaged, I’m finally realizing that my life is amazing, and a HUGE part of the amazing-ness is that I’m single!  

I get so many perks — let’s not even count the free drinks and meals — like getting into clubs free and quickly, free cab rides, getting invited to events, getting into other things free like sold-out museum exhibits, free Veuve Cliquot on my birthday, etc.  And the reason I get all these things is because I’m cute and I’m single.  I don’t always have a man standing behind me, and because I don’t have someone to run home to, I’m always up for the next adventure and to see where the road takes me.  And being quick to smile never hurt anyone, either.  :D 

So based on all of that, I finally decided about two weeks ago that I like dating different people and keeping my options open.  It was a huge revelation, and so different from my “omgineedaboyfriend” mantra my whole life — but it feels good and I’m excited to see what other doors open for me in the coming months.

As usual, I’m sorry for how long it’s been since the last update, and sorry this one turned so long!  I will try to be aware of how long it’s been and keep my blog updated more… but if you haven’t heard from me, give me a nudge! 

HOU > STL > KC > NYC and everywhere in between… I love you all and miss your frequent presence.  Please shoot me an email or text if you think of me and I’ll be thrilled to respond.


…and just like that, it’s March.